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1.9! Mars Update! Other info!

By onlymanonmars aKawaiiPrince - Posted May 18, 16

Hey guys, for those of you who haven't been on the server in the past few days you might not have noticed we went 1.9.2! We also reset the end so you can go exploring  and kill dragons once you craft 4 end crystals. Now because plugins are slow to update (namely towny, craftbook, etc,) some things aren't working right, the biggest of which is that towns no longer protect you from mob spawns so you are gonna have to craft some armor and keep some torches handy. Now because 1.9.2 involves some broken plugins, we're actually giving you guys a choice of whether or not we stay 1.9. Go HERE to our forum and vote in the poll for if you want to stay 1.9.2 or go back to 1.8.9. The poll closes in 2ish days so get your votes in while you can if you want 1.8.9 let us know before it's too late.

Now on to the new stuff:

1.The end is totally new and there's Elytra's to be found. Have fun with it.

2. Because the end is now MUCH bigger, we are allowing players to build there now. With that being said, do not build on the island with the dragon or on one of the islands right outside one of the portals. It's a big map, take time to find a cool place instead of just the first place you see. (also we already cleaned out all the chests there)

And now some general mars news.

1. I moved to Chicago

2. I graduated college.

3. Mars will be at ACEN this weekend, if you are gonna be there too, let him know!

And now back to yet one more announcement!

SHIRTS! Yeah, a comic book store near me happens to do custom shirts so we immediately went to pagemaster shirts. Info about shirts can be found over HERE. Give us ya thoughts.

More big news is on the way but staff is working on getting all that set up so stay tuned!

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