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Clearing out some cobwebs.

By onlymanonmars aKawaiiPrince - Posted Oct 3, 16

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of activity on our part recently. We still know the server exists but life has been a pressing issue as well. Clock has moved into a new apartment and got a job so he's been doing that  and as for mars.

What Mars has been doing:

-His sister got married!

-He turned 23

-He had to look for a job so he can stay in Chicago (He found one at a cookie place)

-He got an internship at a theater that starts next week!

-Released his SECOND EP which can be heard when you click on these words.

The server will probably go 1.10 sometime soon and at some point in the future expect some big ol news about the server to appear.

Oh also


yup! This dumb little server clock and I started has reached the 3 year mark, and we want to thank the all y'alls for helping us get this far. We thank you from the bottom of our cold dead hearts.

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