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Wait, why does everything look different?!

By onlymanonmars aKawaiiPrince - Posted Oct 13, 16

Woah! Design change! What happened?

So yeah the site looks different now. What happened is we didn't have any money left in the PayPal and I didn't want to put money to keep the premium site going because of things like rent and food and such so we are now using a free enjin site. This also means our TeamSpeak is gone D: 

but we have a discord! :D

Wait, the PayPal is empty? Is the server shutting down too?

Nah. While we might reduce the size of the server since we simply don't have a very large playerbase anymore neither Clock nor I has any desire to shut down the server. We want to keep this going for a long time. We love y'all and want to be able to hang out with you.

So what is happening with the server?

We aren't sure yet. Clock and I have talked about some stuff but nothing has been decided yet. I will say that our plans all are geared towards making things more fun.

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