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A Sincere Apology

By Chronosaga aWarlock - Posted Jan 2, 17

Attention all Pagemaster players.

As you know, we were going through a lot of changes, loading in new plugins, testing new plugins, and allowing players to simultaniously also go venture forth and begin their journey's on the server. However, we had an issue that came up with our data files, that could not be pin pointed exactly. This lead to us having to delete a few things. Thus, everyone will be forced to start over.

However, the new kits will allow players a better start, and to apologize fully for your troubles, we will be issuing every player who joins, a sum of 10k to start to spend freely in the shops so you can get started on a new base, as well as start a new town. This money will already be in your banks when you log in.

Again, we apologize, this effects everyone equally. We will be uploading a new map, and all files will be erased. We do not know what the issue was, however, since this was a new start, it's not a complete step back for most players.

Again, we apologize for the trouble. We hope that you don't leave us, that would make Fluffy very sad.


[ Ninja Edit by Amras: Server version currently is on 1.11.2, not 1.11 (first release of series 11) so check your game version. Thanks ]

[Sexy Mars Edit: There was also note of sweet jams which can be found here They are pretty cool, you should check em out.]

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