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Server Updates


By Chronosaga aWarlock - Posted Jan 13, 17

So as you all know, the server has been up and running without many complications :D Yay! This is the good news! However, there is still some stuff that requires attention. The shop for example, is not finished. I can not actually alter this bit myself? This task was left in the hands of Raidatheblade. Though, with school semesters starting back up again, it's possible this task might not be fixed in full all at one time. Bits of this will include, more items being added, a place to sell items, as well as a Point Shop that will allow players to vote for points and spend them in this shop to earn awesome rewards, and eventually ranks. There will also be a point shop that you can donate money to get points, and buy ranks as well. Ranks of course will be somewhat harder to obtain. This is all in due time. 

Thanks again~


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