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By Chronosaga aWarlock - Posted Jul 30, 17

After a long rested dead period, Pagemaster is getting a new update with new plugins, upgrading it back to its former glory, and perhaps even above and beyond with the help of another server Crafter's Paradise, who sadly had gone down a while back. Many of it's players are still around and have been in communication with Pagemaster via Skype/Discord. Despite the rehoming and discoveries of unfortunate locations, Pagemaster is ready to get an upgrade to welcome its players and all new players to come. 

Some things to look for in the future.

Plugins being added (W.I.P)
 - CraftBook

-Some sort of Multiworld Plugin (Allowing a Creative Map for Pixelart Peeps, A resource World for Survivalists)
-Fixing McMMO and Jobs (they broke somehow...)
- Some sort of Auction House

-Mob Arena

-Rentable Shops 

-Some sort of Vote Crate/ IG-Crates

Other bigger changes will be how you rank up. We're tossing the Donation Ranks and having In-Game Ranks that will be able to be achieved with In-Game Money. Nothing crazy. Their will not be a ton of Ranks, but enough to make it worth while. Creative will be taken out of the Survival world, since there will be a creative map. More Info to come. 

Donation Perks will be added as well. Cosmitics as well as other possible things that can be obtained. More information as we figure things out. 

Given how long we've been dead. There are a few players that will have chances to move/obtain early access to moving things, however we know who these players are. Most ranks and other data will be wiped allowing the server a fresh clean slate. There are many who've donated in the past, we don't forget this. We can provide some sort of care package for those who qualify to help get them started in the survival world. 

I hope to see more of you online in the future. We look forward to a clean slate here on Pagemaster.

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