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Attention Minecraft Players!!!

By Chronosaga aWarlock - Posted Aug 5, 17

We have some exciting plugins that have been added and for the most part, seem to be working!! So here are some lists of things you can look forward to using while on the server.

Here are some exciting things to look forward too!


Vote Crates!!

Vote Crates are loaded with goodies. All you have to do is vote! You get 1 key per vote. You'll also obtain points, which later will be used for you to be able to rank up! However that is still a work in progress, so for you, just save up those points! You will obtain votes per vote. 


Another thing we have updated that you can use right away are Player Vaults! Apprentice recieves 1 of these, and as you rank up later on you will get more. As for new players who can't rank up yet, just save your points up. It won't take long to get to that first rank. To use these vaults, for returning players, all you have to do is >> /pv 1 << to be able to use your personal vault.


And a plugin we've had for a while, however many don't know exist, a JukeBox plugin that allows you to listen to noteblock music generated into songs >> /music << to check it out!


We also now have an Auction House plugin! As soon as you join the website and recieve out free rank, all you have to do is

>> /ah << and you'll be able to sell items in your hand to other players. Use >> /ca help << for more information in game.


We also now have >> /rtp << which, not only is your only way out of spawn, but it also helps for exploring the map for your perfect home location!


Welp, that's it for now as we work on the rest. We are working on getting things set up one plugin at a time for the time being. Still to come, look out for Craftbook and it's uses as well as a few other things to help the experience. As always, Jobs, LWC, McMMO, and Towny are already active. Enjoy!


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