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Server Updates

Happy Fall Updates!

By Chronosaga aWarlock - Posted Nov 10, 17

For the most part, out plugins are all in order, tested, and updated. If ranks seem misplaced, fixes can be made in game.

Dynmap works! Our website has a Live map of the server up and working for easy biome locators as well as town locaters to see if anyone is near by. Please use this if you are not sure if there is a town or outpost within a 200 radius. The towny rules still apply.

Ranks will auto update when joining the website for new players, earn a FREE rank by joining the website and linking your minecraft character to your enjin account. (to do this, click on your enjin profile and then there should be a tab to "add character" the rest of the instructions are listed by enjin staff. If you are still confused contact Pagemaster Staff for further instruction)

Some of our tutorials for Craftbook, Artmap, Chestshop, and other things are listed in the forums under the tutorial area, be sure to check them out!

A market place has NOT been built yet, but that will happen at some point in the future. For now, shops can be made in your town following the instructions in the tutorial.

DISCORD!!, yes we have a discord server, updates are usually posted MUCH more frequently there. The link to our discord server is listed above, all you have to do is click on the tab! Be sure to do this. IT IS SO MUCH MORE EASY TO CONTACT ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND STAFF THERE. (seriously it is. Like, I'm always logged into it almost always, even on my phone. PS: its totally better than skype)

The donation store is completely set up. Feel free to pick up where you left off, I know that ranks did get a little messed up. Like I said, if you recall your old rank, I can fix it, just contact me please. Do not think you've lost your investment, that is NOT the case.

Thanks again :D I hope to see more and more of you come back to the server, we miss you <33


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