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Server Updates

1.12 Update

Chronosaga aWarlock posted Jul 24, 17

All of the plugins should work just fine. The 1.12 update was a simple transaction without any fallback, but now you have all the joys of colorful beds, parrots, and terricotta blocks. Enjoy.


16bmorrow Apprentice MCMMO does not seem to be working, don't know if it's just me or if it's the plugin


Chronosaga aWarlock posted Jan 13, 17

So as you all know, the server has been up and running without many complications :D Yay! This is the good news! However, there is still some stuff that requires attention. The shop for example, is not finished. I can not actually alter this bit myself? This task was left in the hands of Raidatheblade. Though, with school semesters starting back up again, it's possible this task might not be fixed in full all at one time. Bits of this will include, more items being added, a place to sell items, as well as a Point Shop that will allow players to vote for points and spend them in this shop to earn awesome rewards, and eventually ranks. There will also be a point shop that you can donate money to get points, and buy ranks as well. Ranks of course will be somewhat harder to obtain. This is all in due time. 

Thanks again~


A Sincere Apology

Chronosaga aWarlock posted Jan 2, 17

Attention all Pagemaster players.

As you know, we were going through a lot of changes, loading in new plugins, testing new plugins, and allowing players to simultaniously also go venture forth and begin their journey's on the server. However, we had an issue that came up with our data files, that could not be pin pointed exactly. This lead to us having to delete a few things. Thus, everyone will be forced to start over.

However, the new kits will allow players a better start, and to apologize fully for your troubles, we will be issuing every player who joins, a sum of 10k to start to spend freely in the shops so you can get started on a new base, as well as start a new town. This money will already be in your banks when you log in.

Again, we apologize, this effects everyone equally. We will be uploading a new map, and all files will be erased. We do not know what the issue was, however, since this was a new start, it's not a complete step back for most players.

Again, we apologize for the trouble. We hope that you don't leave us, that would make Fluffy very sad.


[ Ninja Edit by Amras: Server version currently is on 1.11.2, not 1.11 (first release of series 11) so check your game version. Thanks ]

[Sexy Mars Edit: There was also note of sweet jams which can be found here They are pretty cool, you should check em out.]

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Chronosaga aWarlock posted Dec 29, 16

SERVER IS ACTIVE!? *IMPORTANT* [However, there is a lot going on, and we will be running tests, and restarting the server. THIS MAP IS PERMANENT THOUGH!!!, Feel free to build]


Ranks were merged together, and renamed, so some of you lucky players, will be getting some enhancements!!! Isn't that grand? It's basicly my way of saying Sorry. Anywho, New Ranks, compaired to their old. They are slightly harder to obtain. Voting will not earn ranks, but instead, better ingame rewards later on. This will simplify ranks a bit.

Guest | Guest ( guests have TPA, TPAHERE starting out)

Member | Patron (/Back and Town creation) Just join the website, this is a free rank.

Member+ | Novice/Disciple/Adept (Yes, I combined 3 ranks. This gives the player /workbench,/ext and /jump, /ascend) 

Trusted | Master (/fly,  /heal)

Trusted+ | Archmage (/godmode, /powertool, /kittycannon)

Advanced | Oracle (Gamemode, no actual changes. This rank is a singular rank.)

Master | NEW RANK! (Rank in place for future updates)

Moderator | Admin | Owner (Clean staff ranks, nothing crazy. Making things basic instead of mythical)


Most of our plugins will hopefully remain. We may end up having to make cuts to certain things, like treasurehunt, but towny, mcmmo, jobs and most of the important ones will remain. We are working to have them run smoothly. 

ALSO WE ARE 1.11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to update your game :D

More information as we are closer and closer to a full running server without testing.

*Updates* Happy Holidays!

Chronosaga aWarlock posted Dec 26, 16

Hey Everyone! So I know that the server has not been working as properly as it should. We are working to fix that slowly ( by slowly, I mean, I'm lazy and permissions suck!) But anywho, Hopefully it will be done before the new semester starts. If you want to know more details, be sure to message me on here, or you could also gain access to our Discord/Skype groups too! Hopefully Pagemaster will be back up and running, however, because of the issues we took on, we will be getting a new map, and an overhaul on ranks. DO NOT WORRY, if you paid for a feature on the server, you will still have those features! We would never take those things away from you. We will keep you posted!


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